CEE counts 10 NAE members among active faculty

Among CEE's 49 regular and active emeriti faculty (Professors of the Graduate School), 10 have received the distinction of being selected for membership into the prestigious National Academy of Engineering.

This represents 20% of the department, an unusually high percentage, and one of the reasons why CEE's graduate programs continue to be ranked so highly.


Faculty Citation / Induction year
Picture of Lisa Alvarez-Cohen

Lisa Alvarez-Cohen (Professor) For discovery and application of novel microorganisms and biochemical pathways for microbial degradation of environmental contaminants. Inducted in 2010.

Picture of Jonathan Bray

Jonathan D. Bray (Professor) For contributions to earthquake engineering and advances in mitigation of surface faulting, liquefaction, and seismic slope failure. Inducted in 2015.

Picture of Anil K. Chopra Anil K. Chopra (Professor) For pioneering methods for earthquake response analysis of structural systems, including dynamic interaction with soils and fluids. Inducted in 1984.
Picture of Carlos Daganzo

Carlos F. Daganzo (Professor of the Graduate School) For engineering contributions to traffic, transportation, and logistics systems and operations. Inducted in 2014.

Picture of Professor Derkiureghian

Armen Der Kiureghian (Professor) For contributions to risk and reliability and earthquake engineering to advance the practice of civil and structural engineering. Inducted in 2011.

Picture of Professor Gadgil Ashok J. Gadgil (Professor) For engineering solutions to the problems of potable water and energy in underdeveloped nations. Inducted in 2013.
Picture of Professor Kanafani

Adib Kanafani (Professor of the Graduate School) For significant contributions to national and international air transportation, the development of US research on intelligent transportation, and the education of transportation professionals. Inducted in 2002. 

Picture of Professor Moehle Jack P. Moehle (Professor) For contributions to earthquake-resistant design and analysis of building structures, and for leadership in engineering education. Inducted in 2014.
Picture of Professor Monismith

Carl L. Monismith (Professor of the Graduate School) Contributions to asphalt paving technology which have led directly to improved methods of pavement design and rehabilitation. Inducted in 1980.

Picture of Professor Taylor

Robert L. Taylor (Professor of the Graduate School) For research and application of finite element methods in structural mechanics and other areas, and for education leadership in this field. Inducted in 1991.

Published 06/22/2015