CEE Response to COVID-19 for Fall 2020

Our commitment to your safety

All of us in CEE are committed to providing a world-class opportunity for you, including teaching and doing research in new and creative ways.

As was outlined by Chancellor Christ in her message on June 17, we are committed to keeping everyone safe and to ensuring that all of you will be able to access your Berkeley education from wherever you are and at times that fit your schedule.

By monitoring public health conditions and the guidelines, we will create an educational experience that preserves the safety and well-being of our students, staff and faculty.

Stay informed

Course schedule and format

Based on current public health conditions, and the guidance of both campus and City of Berkeley leadership, our fall semester will start in an online format.

For courses listed as "hybrid" in the registration system, we will seek opportunities for some in-person instruction as the semester progresses, if public health conditions, and considerations for the safety of our students, staff, and faculty, permit. In any event, all CEE courses will be available for remote learning and online participation.

CEE courses at class schedule will be updated soon with course format and schedule.

In the coming weeks, we will update times for lectures and discussion sections to allow both local and remote students to engage in their coursework, i.e., our schedule may include multiple times for one course in order to serve a range of time zones.

Innovative teaching methods

Faculty and instructional staff are devising innovative ways to engage you online and improve your learning outcomes over traditional delivery methods.

In many cases, the ability to provide asynchronous materials, like lectures and videos online, means that you’ll have more time during Zoom classes to interact with your instructors and participate in problem-solving and discussion sessions.

We will also be seeking opportunities for courses and programs to offer limited in-person experiences, such as laboratory or field experiments, small discussion sections, social events, and community building. These events will be scheduled as health conditions allow, with our primary consideration being the health and safety of the CEE community.

Bringing everyone together

Regular online meetings will be held to bring students together academically and socially, e.g., study groups, seminars, discussion panels, and social hours. We will also offer peer and faculty mentoring.

Our priority is to ensure that all CEE students are welcomed and included!

Student Advisers in the CEE Academic Affairs Office (AAO) will have multiple daily drop-in Zoom office hours across many time zones.

We are seeking opportunities for outdoor meetings and socials for those of you on the Berkeley campus, subject to campus and public health requirements.