Spring 2022: UC Berkeley to hold all in-person classes

Our commitment to your safety

All of us in CEE are committed to providing a world-class opportunity for you, including teaching and doing research in new and creative ways.

As was outlined in a message from Campus on October 4, 2021, the default instructional mode for spring 2022 will be in-person. There will be a limited number of courses designed and approved to be delivered in an alternate mode of instruction, and they are listed accordingly in the Course Catalog.

For students who are immunocompromised, have a disability that affects their ability to participate in in-person instruction, or are experiencing challenges to entering the US, campus is continuing to explore options for meeting their needs and encourages instructors to use course capture technology.

Within CEE, we have tested the air quality in all of our classrooms, and supplemented each room with air filtration units. We have also equipped all of our classrooms with course capture technology, to accommodate students unable to attend class in-person. 

There is very little evidence of  transmission of COVID-19 on campus, and the vast majority of cases in the campus community were caused by off-campus transmissions at social gathering where face masks were not worn indoors. 

Stay informed

Course format

The default mode of instruction for the spring semester will be in-person, regardless of class size. The limited number of courses that have been designed and approved to be delivered in an alternate mode of instruction are listed accordingly in the Course Catalog.

Students, staff, faculty and academic appointees must meet all vaccination policy requirements before returning to campus. If you were vaccinated at a non-UC Berkeley vaccination site, please upload your vaccination information through the secure eTang portal as soon as you are able to. 

Innovative teaching methods 

Faculty and instructional staff are devising innovative ways to engage you both in-person and online to improve your learning outcomes over traditional delivery methods.

In many cases, the ability to provide asynchronous materials, like lectures and videos online, means that you’ll have more time during classes to interact with your instructors and participate in problem-solving and discussion sessions.

We have also resumed offering in-person experiences, including student organization meetings, social events, and community building. These events will be scheduled as health conditions allow, with our primary consideration being the health and safety of the CEE community.

Bringing everyone together

Regular online and in-person meetings will be held to bring students together academically and socially, e.g., study groups, seminars, discussion panels, and social hours. We will also offer peer and faculty mentoring.

Our priority is to ensure that all CEE students are welcomed and included!

Student Advisers in the CEE Academic Affairs Office (AAO) will have multiple daily drop-in Zoom office hours across many time zones.

We are seeking opportunities for outdoor meetings and socials for those of you on the Berkeley campus, subject to campus and public health requirements.

Investing in Resilience during COVID

In this unprecedented year, we are committed to ensuring that every CEE student has the premier experience we all expect at Berkeley.

Today’s significant challenges require significant investments. CEE’s Academy of Distinguished Alumni is leading the way to ensure excellence, access, and resilience for the department in the face of COVID-19. Philanthropic gifts to the Department of CEE Fund are helping faculty create top-quality online courses, supply instructors with needed devices for teaching, equip our classrooms with more and better technology, and create safe teaching spaces.

Learn more about this philanthropic partnership to support CEE.