Distinguished Lecture Series

2019 Geo-Engineering Distinguished Lecture Series

JKM Symposium


Past Lectures

2018 Topics

  • Professor Juan Pestana
  • Dr Chris Hunt
  • Dr Giovanna Biscontin
  • Professor Jonathan Bray
  • Professor Eduardo Alonso

2017 Topics

  • Regional Ergodic Site Response for Seismic Hazard Applications    Prof. Jonathan Stewart, Professor and Chair of Civil Engineering, UCLA
  • Computational Imaging for Civil Engineering  Deformation Analysis,   Dr. Robert Kayen, Senior Research Scientist, USGS
  • Probabilistic Methods in Liquefaction Engineering
    Prof. Robb Moss, Cal Poly SLO
  • Evaluation of Gravelly Soil Liquefaction through Laboratory and Field Testing,  Prof. Adda Athanasopoulos-ZekkosUniv. of Michigan
  • A Tale of Two Mega Engineering Projects: the Izmit Bay Bridge & the Istanbul-Marmaray Submerged Tunnel,  Prof. Onder Cetin, METU, Turkey
  • Use of Cross and/or Buttress Walls to Protect Adjacent Buildings During Deep Excavation , Prof. Chang-Yu Ou, Taiwan Tech
  • Evaluation of Seismic Soil Liquefaction Hazard with Application to Dams, Prof. Raymond Seed, UC Berkeley

2016 Topics

  • The Role of Distributed Sensing in Understanding the Engineering Performance of Geotechnical Structures, Kenichi Soga, Ph.D. Professor, Univ. of California at Berkeley; and former Professor of Civil Engineering, University Cambridge
  • Capturing Liquefaction Details from Space, Ellen Rathje, Ph.D. Warren Bellows Centennial Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Texas at Austin
  • Effects of Climate Change on Watershed Dynamics: Insights Gained Using Geophysical Methods, Susan Hubbard, Ph.D. Associate Lab Director and former Director of the Earth Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

2015 Topics

  • Ingenuity in Geotechnical Design Using Geosynthetics, Jorge G. Zornberg, Ph.D. Professor, Univ. of Texas at Austin
  • Deformation of Granular Materials: A Look Within, Cino Viggiani, Ph.D. Professor of Geomechanics, Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France
  • Engineering Evaluation of Post-Liquefaction Strengths: Three Decades to Consensus, Raymond B. Seed, Ph.D. Professor, University of California at Berkeley

2014 Topics

  • The Case for Quality Lab Testing, Dr. Michael F. Riemer, Professor, UC Berkeley, Berkeley CA
  • Management of Risks in Foundation Construction and Design for Transportation Infrastructure Projects, Dr. Dan A. Brown, Dan Brown & Associates, PC, Sequatchie, TN
  • Geotechnical Lessons Learned from the 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake, Dr. Kohji Tokimatsu, Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan

2013 Topics

  • Interpretation of In Situ Tests – Some Insights, Peter K. Robertson, Ph.D.; Technical/Management Advisor, Gregg Drilling and Testing, Inc, Signal Hill, California
  • Engineering in Sustainable Human Development: Challenges and Opportunities, Bernard Amadei, Ph.D.; Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; University of Colorado, Boulder
  • 3D Imaging of Shear Wave Properties Using Surface Waves, James W. Rector, Ph.D.; Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

2012 Topics

  • Performance-Based Liquefaction Hazard Evaluation, Steven L. Kramer, PhD; Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; University of Washington
  • The Sounds of Friction: From Dams to Earthquakes, Steven D. Glaser, PhD; Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; University of California, Berkeley
  • Pre-Design Geotechnical Evaluation of the Operating Industries, Inc. Superfund Site, 11th Ralph B. Peck Lecture, Edward Kavazanjian, PhD, P.E., D.Ge.; Professor, Civil Engineering; Arizona State University

2011 Topics

  • Experiences with Non-Standard Aspects of Dam Engineering, Angela G Kupper, PhD, PE, Principal Engineer and Vice President Geotechnical, AMEC Earth & Environmental
  • Earthquake-Induced Ground and Building Movements, Jonathan D Bray, PhD, Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of California, Berkeley
  • Control of Excavation Induced Ground Movement, Richard Finno, PhD, PE, DGE, Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University