Steven D. Glaser

Current and Former Students

Current Students

Sami Malek, Ph.D. expected 2017,  Wireless Sensor Networks and the Water Balance in the Sierra Nevada.

Carlos Oroza, Ph.D. expected 2016, Wireless Sensor Networks and the Water Balance in the Sierra Nevada.

Jessica Parker, M.s./Ph.D. expected 2019; Laboratory eEarthquakes and Injection-Induced Seismicity

Ziran Zhang, M.S./Ph.D. expected in 2015, Wireless Sensor Networks and Cyber-Physical Water Information Systems for the Sierra Nevada.

Zeshi Zheng, Ph.D. expected 2017;  Cyber-Physical Water Information Systems for the Sierra Nevada

Former Students

Laurie Gaskins Baise, Ph.D. Dec., 2001, Effects of Local Geological Structure on Earthquake Response (University of California, Berkeley); Professor, Tufts University, NSF CAREER award, ASCE Cassagrande award.

Jian-Ye Ching, Ph.D. July, 2002, Application of System Identification to a Variety of Civil Engineering Dynamic Systems; George W. Housner Research Fellow, California Institute of Technology; Professor, National Taiwan University.

Dom Galic, Ph.D. May, 2008, An Unconstrained Sliding Friction Model and an Application to the Folsom Dam; Research Engineer, United States Bureau of Reclamation.

MiKyong Hand, M.S., Jan., 1997, Active Imaging of Rock Fractures with Ultrasonic Reflection and Seismic Migration (Colorado School of Mines); Physician, Colo. Health Sciences Center.

Branko Kerkez, Ph.D. December, 2012, Wireless Sensor Networks and the Water Balance in the Sierra Nevada; Assistant Professor, University of Michigan.]

Mario Magliocco, Ph.D. May, 2015, Experimental Investigation of Using Supercritical CO2 in Enhanced Geothermal Systems; Post-Doc Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Greg Mclaskey, Ph.D. May, 2011, Waveform Analysis of Acoustic Emission and Sensor Development for Multi-Scale Friction Testing; USGS Mendenhall Fellow; Assistant Professor, Cornell University.

Jeffrey R. Moore, May, 2007, Application of the Self-Potential Method in Hydrogeology; Assistant Professor, University of Utah.

Paul Selvaduri, Ph.D. 2015, Nano-seismology and Laboratory Earthquakes; Post-Doc, UCB

Christopher Sherman, Aug., 2014, Near Surface Geophysics for Tunnel Detection; Research Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Albert To, Ph.D. Sept., 2005, Multi-Scale Experimental Investigation of Sliding Friction; Associate Professor, Mechanical engineering, University of Pittsburgh.

Greg Weiss, M.S., April, 1996, Development of an Embedded, Wideband Acoustic Emission Sensor (Colorado School of Mines); Head of Production, DigitalWave Corp.

Ying Zhang, Ph.D. August, 2006, MEMS/NEMS Design Automation and Synthesis, co-advised with A. Agogino; Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology.