Undergraduate Program and Admissions

The Civil & Environmental Engineering undergraduate major at UC Berkeley seeks to provide students with opportunities for rigorous academic learning, fellowship, hands-on experience, and leadership. 

The ABET-accredited program prepares undergraduate students for careers in different sectors spanning the non-profit, state, and federal government organizations, business sector, and academia. By offering highly engaging educational experiences, students get the opportunity to know faculty and their peers through team-based learning, competition teams, and more.

UC Berkeley provides a premier education in Civil & Environmental Engineering, with US News & World Report ranking CEE's undergraduate major in environmental engineering and civil engineering among the top three undergraduate majors nationwide every year.

Engineering Science students walking with Engineering Science banner Engineering Science banner during the baccalaureate commencement ceremony (Photo Credit: Jessica Zhang)
Photo Credit: Jessica Zhang
Undergraduate students holding the Civil & Environmental Engineering banner during baccalaureate commencement ceremony (Photo Credit: Brittany Hosea)
Photo Credit: Brittany Hosea
Cal Construction Competition team at annual ASC Competition in Sparks, NV. (Photo Credit: Andrew Hom)
Photo Credit: Andrew Hom