Our Diversity Mission

Faculty and students partner to drive innovative change across research and academia. (Credit: Adam Lau)
CEE faculty and students partner to drive innovative change across research and academia. (Credit: Adam Lau)

Our Graduate Diversity Mission

The best strategies and solutions come from collaboration among a rich community of perspectives. Serving our increasingly diverse society requires educating our engineering leaders to learn from and work with people of different backgrounds. Our priority is to cultivate an inclusive culture that values and leverages each viewpoint to fully unlock our individual and collective potential. 

CEE Graduate degrees:  Rigor + Resources

While CEE graduate degrees require your best, we will provide resources to help you realize, and build on, your strengths along the way, such as:

Top-Ranked Program in the Country

Our graduate programs are consistently ranked number one among all the civil and environmental engineering programs in the US.

Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

Every member of the UC Berkeley community has a role in sustaining a safe, caring and humane environment in which our values can thrive. See Principles of Community to learn more.

We strongly encourage applications from graduates of California State Universities─especially first-generation and low-income students, women and underrepresented minorities.

Affordability is our priority

  • Financial aid is available in the form of grants and fellowships.
  • Your application for admission automatically places you in consideration for financial aid—no additional action is needed.


CSU applicants pay the fee when they apply and are reimbursed later

Increase Career & Salary Prospects in only 9 months

  • The vast majority of our graduates have job offers by graduation.
  • Graduates earn a 20% higher salary at their first job.
  • Within 2 years of graduation, you have made up your investment in your degree.

Attending Berkeley’s CE graduate program led to irreplaceable professional development and lifelong connections. Valuable lessons will be learned in your desired area of focus by renowned professors and new peers. The opportunities after graduation are limitless too; for example, I accepted my career position 6 months before graduating.

CE MS ’19 graduate from Sacramento State University

The MS program at Berkeley was challenging and required hours of dedication, but no regrets. Learning from the world’s brightest minds and working daily with the most talented and diverse classmates molded me into the engineer I am today. It equipped me to face complex engineering problems and allowed me to give back to Cal Poly (that made all of this possible).

Wesley Harijanto, CE MS ’19 graduate from Cal Poly

Berkeley will improve your chances of joining top civil and environmental engineering firms because many Berkeley alumni work in these firms and look favorably on Cal grads.

CE MS ’18 graduate from San Jose State University