Berkeley Civil & Environmental Engineering offers an ABET-accredited major program in Civil Engineering. Upon completing the four-year curriculum, the student earns a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering.

UC Berkeley's Civil Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET:

Your education will provide you with a strong fundamental background in engineering science, design, and practice. For complete information on CEE's learning goals, how our core courses support those goals, how we assess student learning, and our goals for CEE students after they graduate, see CEE's Response to the Campus Undergraduate Student Learning Initiative.

Sample Four Year Degree Plan   

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their faculty and staff advisers to learn about the full range of academic opportunities available in the CEE Department.

(Note: Undergraduate students wishing to enroll in a graduate level course must satisfy departmental academic standards for graduate students in the graduate program with the desired course.)


Course Planning Tools

Study Abroad

In conjunction with the University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP), we in Berkeley CEE have simplified the process for studying abroad and have identified courses available for credit. 

Independent Research Coursework

You can apply to participate in undergraduate research while attending UC Berkeley. You can enroll in three Civil and Environmental Engineering research courses and receive course credit while conducting research under faculty supervision.

Research Courses

  • CE 99 (freshmen and sophomores), graded pass/no pass.
  • CE 199 (junior and seniors), graded pass/no pass.
  • CE H194 (seniors), letter graded, must have 3.3 upper division GPA. 

Course Descriptions and Enrollment Procedure

CE 99: Supervised Independent Study (freshman and sophomore)

Course may be repeated for credit and has variable units (1-4). Must be taken on a pass/not pass basis. Prerequisites: Freshman or sophomore standing and consent of instructor. Supervised independent study for lower division students.

CE 199: Supervised Independent Study (junior and senior)

CE 199 has variable units (1-4) and may be repeated for credit. Course is taken on a pass/not pass basis only and does not count towards meeting the BS degree requirements. You must have completed at least 60 units of undergraduate work and be in good academic standing (2.0 GPA or above) to register for this course.

CE H194: Honors Undergraduate Research

Students who have completed 3 or more upper division CEE courses may pursue original research under the directions of a CEE faculty member.  To participate in CE H194 you must have a GPA of 3.3 or higher in your upper division technical course work and the consent of the instructor. The course is taken for a letter grade, and may be taken twice, but can be used only once towards degree requirements.

Students may use this course to fulfill 3 units of coursework for the BS degree.  If following the curriculum of 2018 or later, 3 units of CE H194 will count as an CEE Extension (i.e., as 1 extension course, only.)  If following the curriculum prior to 2018, 3 units of CE H194 may be counted as part of the upper division engineering  electives (i.e., as 3 units of the 15 required units in that area).

A final research report is required; upon completion of the work, complete a CE H194 Title page and submit it to the CEE Undergraduate Adviser in 750 Davis Hall.

To enroll in CE 99, CE 199 or CE H194, use this FORM.  

Undergraduate Students taking Graduate Courses in CEE

Undergraduate students need permission to take a graduate-level course in CEE. Complete the application.  (Use only your upper division technical courses in the GPA calculator; the department requires a 3.0 GPA in order to take graduate level classes.)  Note that the class instructor may ask you for documentation to show your readiness to succeed at the graduate level.  One (3 units) CEE class may be counted towards your CEE Extensions requirement for the undergraduate degree.

If you meet the requirements and if there is space in the class, the department scheduler will send you a permission code to enroll after the first week of class. Note: Graduate Students have priority.  Turn your application in early; first come, first served.