Additional Advising Resources

  • Graduate Student Adviser (GSAO) helps you navigate the systems and rules set by CEE, Graduate Division and the International Office from admission through graduation.
    Shelley Okimoto, Felicia Bautista  

    Note: Forms and requests needing the input or signature of the Head Graduate Adviser go to the GSAOs first.   

  • Graduate Division Representative ensures major milestones are recorded in a student's career. Acts as liaison with the Graduate Dean and the department. 
    Clay Calder

  • Program/Faculty Adviser provides individualized guidance on the classes, content, and goals of your study and/or research, and how to obtain them. Can also advise on career goals and opportunities, and provide academic support.
    CEE Faculty Program Advisers are e-mailed directly to students. See Shelley or Felicia if you have questions.

  • Head Graduate Adviser (HGA) has a more comprehensive role than graduate advisers. Only the Head Graduate Adviser can make formal requests to the Graduate Division. 
    Tina Chow

    Exceptions and requests to Graduate Division are handled and tracked by the GSAO as other approvals may be required before a case is made to the HGA and Graduate Division.   
  • Department Equity and Inclusion Officer oversees CEE's inclusiveness with regard to student representation in the undergraduate/graduate student bodies, and in CEE policy and practice. 
    Evan Variano

  • Faculty adviser for GSIs ensures that our Graduate Student Instructors get the preparation and supervision needed to provide high-quality education to Berkeley students. 
    Tina Chow

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