The Berkeley Library contains one of the best research collections in the country. The system of libraries, accessible to all registered students, consists of the Main (Doe) Library, the Moffitt Undergraduate Library, the Bancroft Library, 18 branch libraries, and many other special libraries.

The Kresge Engineering Library, conveniently located near Davis Hall in the Stephen D. Bechtel Engineering Center, contains over more than 175,000 volumes and more than 2,000 journals and periodicals and 680,000 technical reports.

The Water Resources Center Archives, located at UC Riverside, specializes in material related to hydraulics, hydrology, and coastal engineering, with 100,000 titles in water resources and over 15,000 reports and papers on ocean engineering and oceanography.

The Institute of Transportation Studies Harmer E. Davis Library contains one of the largest multi-modal, interdisciplinary transportation reference and research collections in the world. The library holds over 125,000 volumes and receives more than 2,500 serials. The library is also a depository for government transportation publications.

The Earthquake Engineering Research Center (NISEE-PEER) Library is an affiliated library of UC
Berkeley, specializing in structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, engineering dynamics, engineering seismology, and earthquake public policy. It is located at the Richmond Field Station, 5 miles from the main Berkeley campus and is accessible by a Berkeley-RFS shuttle. The NISEE-PEER Library offers online access to many full-text reports through the Earthquake Engineering Online Archive, a database of significant, publicly-funded research and development literature, photographs, data, and software in earthquake, structural, and geotechnical engineering.