Profile of Will Tarpeh, one of 28 Game Changers under 28 [video]

NBC named PhD student Will Tarpeh as one of 28 African American innovators — under age 28 — in its NBCBLK28.

NBCBLK is using the 28 days in the month of February to honor 28 of the nation's most talented innovators and game changers — all ages 28 years and younger.

On Feb. 22, CEE PhD student, William Tarpeh, was profiled in the article and video "Putting a New Spin on Reuse and Recycle."

In his lab, Tarpeh extracts nitrogen from urine in order to create a nutrient-rich fertilizer that can be used for local farming. This super fertilizer then sustains the community in two ways: It helps to create better, stronger crops and, in theory, would limit the billions of gallons of waste currently dumped into freshwater rivers.

William believes that "reimagining urine as a resource" can make transformative change at the most basic level by creating jobs and saving lives.



NBC News selected these 28 individuals because they are all industry and community leaders who are constantly striving to break barriers and defy stereotypes, redefining what it means to be Black in America today.


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Published 02/23/2016