Alex Bayen quoted in NYT article about Older People and Ride-hailing Services

Featured Faculty: Alexandre M. Bayen

Professor Alexandre Bayen is quoted in the New York Times article, "Older People Need Rides.  Why aren't They Using Uber and Lyft?" (8.16.19)

Ride-hailing services improve the mobility and preserves independence for older people, however, people in this demographic often lack the confidence to use the services.

To get around this problem, Lyft and Uber are joining forces with health care systems to help older people get door-to-door service. Trained, vetted drivers escort riders out of their homes, help them transfer in and out of the car, and then accompany them to their specific destinations.

However, Bayen raises concerns about the availability of ride-sharing services for older people living outside of metropolitan areas.

See pdf of the NYT article.

Published 08/19/2019