Jacqueline Hurtado Receives Hallac Scholarship

CEE sophomore Jacqueline Hurtado received a BlackRock Hallac Scholarship. The scholarship covers all undergraduate expenses and offers an internship opportunity at BlackRock in Summer 2020.

Jacqueline's internship will be in the BlackRock office in San Francisco, where she will be working in the Risk and Quantitative Analysis branch.

Interested in either structural or transportation engineering, Jacqueline would like to earn a PhD and make an improvement or an advancement in her chosen field.

"This is what drew me to engineering in the first place—being able to create, improve, and be innovative for the betterment of society," says Jacqueline. 

"Civil and environmental engineering revolves around much of what we see day to day. It's important that we don't let existing structures and infrastructure deteriorate further, while also finding better methods of sustainability and adapting to the needs of society."



Published 10/07/2019