Alexandre Bayen and ITS Unveil Which Cities Will Lead the Mobility Revolution at Oliver Wyman Forum

Featured Faculty: Alexandre M. Bayen

Results from the Oliver Wyman Forum’s inaugural Urban Mobility Readiness IndexHow Cities Rank on Mobility Ecosystem Development  — a joint research effort with the Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS) at the University of California, Berkeley — were unveiled at the Oliver Wyman Forum: Data-driven Coalitions for Smart Mobility in Paris Nov. 26-27, 2019.

“Municipal governments see the need to become increasingly proactive and agile in the evolving mobility landscape. Cities see the benefits of re-focusing on the basics of public transportation and infrastructure development in order to lead in the next generation of mobility,” said Professor Alexandre Bayen, director of ITS Berkeley. “Cities who embrace technology and have proactive regulation will become leaders in the mobility revolution.”

Bayen presented results at the forum. The index ranks 30 cities on how prepared they are to incorporate the latest mobility technologies and what they are doing to reshape urban mobility. The top five cities are Singapore, Amsterdam, London, Shanghai, and New York.


Published 11/27/2019