Sanjay Govindjee Authors Books on Continuum Mechanics of Solids

Featured Faculty: Sanjay Govindjee


Professor Sanjay Govindjee, with Professor Lallit Anand of MIT, has published two new books on continuum mechanics of solids. The publications are intended to guide graduate students through the fundamentals of solid mechanics.

Continuum Mechanics of Solids serves as a main text, introducing readers to topics in fracture and fatigue, and coupled field problems such as thermoelasticity, chemoelasticity, poroelasticity, and piezoelectricity. It is designed to be supplemented by the companion book Example Problems for Continuum Mechanics of Solids, which offers 180 fully developed solutions to a wide range of issues, in order to adequately expose students to essential methods for solving problems in continuum mechanics of solids. 

Published 08/14/2020