Allen Goldstein Wins ACS Award for Creative Advances in Environmental Science & Technology

Featured Faculty: Allen Goldstein


The American Chemical Society (ACS) has selected Professor Allen Goldstein as the recipient of the 2021 ACS Award for Creative Advances in Environmental Science & Technology, which recognizes creativity in research and technology or methods of analysis to provide a scientific basis for informed environmental control decision-making processes. Goldstein studies atmospheric chemistry and biogeochemistry, investigating anthropogenic and natural contributions to the chemical composition of the troposphere. His research develops instrumentation and models of atmospheric processes in order to measure the composition and chemistry of earth's atmosphere, how it functions naturally, and how it is impacted by man made emissions and climate change. 

Goldstein will be honored at ACS's award ceremony in March 2021, in conjunction with the ACS 2021 Spring National Meeting in San Antonio. He joins two other UC Berkeley professors, Paul Alivisatos and John Hartwig, recognized in this year's awards.

At UC Berkeley, Goldstein serves as the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs of the Rausser College of Natural Resources, and is a professor in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Published 08/14/2020