Allen Goldstein Elected Fellow of the American Association for Aerosol Research

Featured Faculty: Allen Goldstein


The American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR) has elected Professor Allen Goldstein as its 39th Fellow, recognizing his work to address one of the most challenging problems in atmospheric aerosols – organic constituents. Goldstein has made pioneering contributions by embracing and unraveling the complexity of natural and anthropogenic chemical sources and their atmospheric transformations.

Professor Goldstein has developed novel experimental techniques, such as the Thermal desorption Aerosol Gas Chromatograph family of instruments that provide hourly resolution of organic aerosol compounds. With these unique data sets, he has elucidated key sources and formation pathways for organic aerosols. Further, Goldstein has promoted the discipline of aerosol science and technology as co-Chair for the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry Program, and on the National Academy of Sciences Future of Atmospheric Chemistry Committee, where he emphasized the importance of aerosols through his mentorship of a new generation of atmospheric and aerosol scientists.

Professor Goldstein is the second AAAR Fellow from UC Berkeley, following Professor William Nazaroff's induction in 2009. Lara Gundel from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory was also elected in 2015. 

Published 10/07/2020