Cal Seismic Takes Fourth Place at Seismic Design Competition

This year, UC Berkeley's Cal Seismic Design team placed fourth in the annual Seismic Design Competition hosted by the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) held at the National Conference on Earthquake Engineering in Salt Lake City, Utah. The student teams had to build a complex wooden building model able to withstand simulated earthquakes from being tested on a shaking table.

Over 30 teams from universities in the U.S. and globally competed in this year's Seismic Design Competition to see how their building models would perform in response to the shaking table motions. Each team was judged based on their overall oral design presentation, summary poster, model architectural design, ability to fit design criteria constraints, and an analytical description of how their model would perform. 

The goal of the annual Seismic Design Competition is to encourage undergraduate students to study earthquake engineering and give them the chance to construct a cost-effective project frame design that can resist seismic loading. Cal Seismic ranked fourth overall out of 37 competing teams. We are proud of Cal Seismic for showcasing the definition of true teamwork and family! Go Bears!

Full results can be found here. Check Cal Seismic out on FB: Cal Seismic Design, IG: @calseismic, website: and