Professor Mark Hansen and CEE alumnus Lu Dai Featured at the FAA Machine Learning Workshop

Featured Faculty: Mark Hansen

Professor Mark Hansen and recent CEE alumnus Lu Dai ('22) served as a moderator and panelist, accordingly, for the Machine Learning Workshop held by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the NEXTOR consortium. The workshop fostered thoughts and discussions on using fast-growing machine learning techniques for problems of interest to the FAA. It brought together more than 100 FAA employees, contractors, and researchers to engage in a cross-disciplinary dialogue and discuss current research work, approaches, and challenges to advance machine learning application in aviation research.

Dr. Lu Dai shared insights from her dissertation work "Data-Driven Real-Time Predictive Risk Intelligence: A Case Study for Go-Arounds" with attendees looking at her research experience and perspectives on applying machine learning techniques for aviation research. Read more here: