Research Expedition Conducted on Hurricane Maria and 2020 Earthquake in Puerto Rico

Featured Faculty: Dimitrios Zekkos

Professor Dimitrios Zekkos and PhD students Weibing GongParker Blunts, and Mirna Kassem, participated this summer in an expedition to characterize rock masses and landslides caused by the 2017 Hurricane Maria and 2020 Puerto Rice earthquake. The expedition included a one-week field deployment to collect data for analyzing landslides, and was held in collaboration with researchers from NASA, USGS, the University of Puerto Rico, and the University of Michigan.

The expedition is expected to generate important insights on the causes of landslides caused by hurricanes and earthquakes and assist locals in mitigating landslide hazards. The field data collected is expected to be particularly insightful in calibrating predictive regional landslide model simulations. 

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