Amy Pickering Creates A Water Purification Device for Low-Income Communities

Featured Faculty: Amy Pickering

In a Nature article, CEE Professor Amy Pickering talks about how she created a water purification device named the Venturi that runs without electricity and removes contaminants that can enter leaky pipes. In her postdoctoral research, from 2012 to 2015, she helped make drinking water safe in Dhaka by developing an automated disinfection system to sterilize water directly from the tap in communities that lack access to clean water, or sanitation tools and have many diseases circulating.

Pickering says, "since 2013, my team and I have been working to develop a device that purifies water at the tap or where water enters a building. The Venturi automatically dispenses liquid chlorine at the point where users collect water, which is usually a tap connected to a piped system or storage tank. It requires no electricity or moving parts."

Check out the full Nature article here to learn more about her research.