Sanjay Govindjee Co-Authors Book on Mechanics of Solid Materials

Featured Faculty: Sanjay Govindjee

Professor Sanjay Govindjee is a co-author of Introduction to Mechanics of Solid Materials, a new book covering essential topics in engineering applications, including elasticity, plasticity and creep, and fracture and fatigue, with a target audience of 3rd and 4th year engineering and science students. 

The five main parts of the books are I Foundations (Kinematics and Strain, Stress and Equilibrium); II Linear Elasticity; III Plasticity and Creep (1D, physical basis, and 3D); IV Linear elastic fracture mechanics and creep; V Linear Viscoelasticity; VI Large deformation Rubber Elasticity (principal directions); VII Continuous fiber laminated composites. There is also a self-contained set of appendices on classical structural theories (bending, torsion, energy methods, etc.)

A companion volume with over 200 problems is downloadable for free; many problems have fully worked solutions to learn from, and there are additional problems for testing your skills. An instructor version is also available with answers to all the problems. There is a 30% off discount code for the book available here, with promotion code ASPROMP8.