Center for Smart Infrastructure Holds Lab Test at Richmond Field Station

Featured Faculty: Kenichi Soga

Earlier this month, the Center for Smart Infrastructure (CSI) welcomed a visit by State Assembly Members Buffy Wicks, Pilar Schiavo, and Juan Alanis. They were there to observe a large-scale 4-point bending testing of a 40-inch diameter ductile iron water pipeline manufactured by US Pipe. The purpose of the test was to examine the performance of the pipeline’s joint under large external deformation that could be caused by landslide or fault movements. During the visit, members of the center also showcased emerging technologies and state-of-the-art lab and field testing, including intelligent systems and networks, remote sensing and monitoring, and data analytics for decision-making to the state assembly members and supporters of the CSI lab at Richmond Field Station.

The CSI is a partnership between infrastructure owners, academia, industry, and regulators to address the most pressing and challenging issues facing water and wastewater utilities. CSI brings together utilities with researchers and industry experts to test, develop, and deploy the latest technologies. This collaboration will advance the development of sustainable, cost-effective, equitable, and resilient systems and communities through applied research and validation in real-world environments.