Khalid Mosalam Publishes New Book on Artifical Intelligence in Vision-Based SHM

Featured Faculty: Khalid M. Mosalam

CEE Professor Khalid Mosalam recently published a new book on Artificial intelligence in Vision-Based Structural Health. Yuqing Gao, a former civil and environmental engineering Ph.D. student, was one of the book’s co-authors. This book thoroughly explores cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technologies applied to vision-based structural health monitoring (SHM).

Integrating AI into SHM for swift damage assessment post-natural disasters has garnered significant attention in civil and structural engineering in an era defined by data proliferation. Leveraging machine and deep learning in vision-based SHM opens up new avenues for research, prompting crucial inquiries into AI's role in solving SHM challenges, the relevant technologies, and the effectiveness and adaptability of AI approaches.