Robert Harley Appointed to Carl W. Johnson Chair

Featured Faculty: Robert Harley

Chancellor Dirks has approved the appointment of Professor Robert Harley as the Carl W. Johnson Professor in Civil Engineering, for a five-year term, effective July 1, 2014-June 30, 2019.

This is a well-deserved honor and recognition of Harley's distinguished record of scholarship and service to the University and the profession.

Harley is a member of CEE's Environmental Engineering faculty. He is recognized as an expert on air quality, specifically air pollution modeling and analyzing the effects of motor vehicles on air quality.

Harley's widely cited research impacts major policy decisions. He is the author of 85 articles in the leading archival journals in his field, and the winner of the CAREER award from NSF.

He serves as the Chair of the Engineering Science Program at Berkeley and as a co-editor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.


Carl W. Johnson was the founder and president of the Carl W. Johnson Company, a firm of industrial and commercial contractors in Burbank, CA. 

Johnson came from a humble background. While a student at Berkeley, he worked to pay for his classes. He believed Berkeley shaped his character, teaching him the skills, the thought processes, and the ethics to go out and have a successful career. He always knew he was going to endow a Chair at Berkeley.

Johnson's generosity to the department also funded the Carl W. Johnson Student Leadership Fund, an endowment that supports student activities and organizations.

Published 07/22/2014