TRB Honors Mark Hansen with 2015 McKelvey Award

Featured Faculty: Mark Hansen

Professor Mark Hansen received Transportation Research Board's 2015 Francis X. McKelvey Award for his outstanding work in relation to the aviation industry.

Hansen was recognized for his unique skills in coordinating and executing aviation research in such areas as aviation economics, analytical methods, and public policy. His adeptness at connecting individuals across organizations, even organizations that may seem at odds, resulted in opening up new avenues for discovery and deeper analysis.

Hansen was one of the founders, and served as co-director, of the FAA's Center of Excellence in Aviation Operations Research (NEXTOR), a hub for innovative research. Through NEXTOR he mentored many students and intellectually enriched government transportation leaders. His diverse group of graduate students have gone on to careers at prestigious academic institutions in the US and abroad as well as private and public institutions in the aviation community.

Professor Hansen teaches in CEE's Transportation Engineering program.

Published 11/12/2014