Second Place for CEE Enviro Team [videos]

CEE's Enviro Team placed 2nd out of 12 universities at MidPac 2015. The competition took place at UC Davis on April 2-4. University of Laval (Canada) came in 1st and University of Nevada, Reno came in 3rd.

There were no surprises to the well-prepared 2015 Enviro team. In fact, Berkeley was so well prepared that they foresaw a potential problem and made critical adjustments ahead of time.

The team anticipated the difference in the tap water that would be used to make the wastewater they were treating, i.e., Davis' water has a higher electrical conductivity. Their adjustments averted the problem of Davis' water combining with Berkeley's treatment chemicals in such a way that it would clog the filter—and ruin their results.

Video 1: Berkeley Enviro was the only team to feature a system that required only 1 builder (Lewis Campbell).



Video 2: Once built, team members Gerardo Veliz and Jeremy Packer add the wastewater.



Because Berkeley was the best water treatment team in NorCal this year, California Water Environment Association (CWEA) was kind enough to grant team members free memberships!




Enviro Team with BEARnoulli at MidPac, 2015




Go Bears! 


See BERNoulli poster (pdf)


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Published 04/13/2015