2015 Undergraduates Honored with CEE Scholarships

Featured Faculty: Samer M. Madanat

Each year the department honors recipients of the CEE Undergraduate Scholarships. These awards, unlike the undergraduate awards available through Berkeley's Financial Aid Office, are awarded by the CEE department.

CEE solicits nominations of students from its faculty and then examines academic records to select winners.

The department honored these students at its annual Spring Awards Ceremony.

Beaver Heavy Construction Scholarship

L-R: Samer Madanat, Jeffrey Zayas, David Woods (Beaver Construction); Madanat, Zacary Tan, David Woods; Madanat, Angela Tarng, David Woods

Chevron Environmental Engineering Scholarship

L-R: Samer Madanat, Yiheng Tao; Madanat, Max Fefer; Madanat, Lydia Yiu

Theodore Olsen Scholarship

L-R: Samer Madanat, Brooke Gemmell


John C. Shimmick Scholarship

L-R: Samer Madanat, Jordan Gilles


Ulchi and Yoshiko Sunada Scholarship

L-R: Samer Madanat, Curtis Siegfried


Tsuneo Sekine Fellowship

L-R: Samer Madanat, Wang Liang Jerald Han; Madanat, Yike Qin; Madanat, Miklos Zoller; Madanat, Toan Nguyen

Clement T. Wiskocil Award

The Wiskocil Award recognizes the CEE senior who demonstrates the characteristics of an outstanding professional engineer.

L-R: Samer Madanat, Sofia Dagmar Hamilton


Departmental Citation in CEE

The Citation recognizes undergraduate excellence in CEE.

L-R: Samer Madanat, Xiu En Kristen Kwok

Published 05/08/2015