Ashok Gadgil

My major research programs are in three broad areas.

WATER QUALITY: Current research:  Making drinking-quality water from ground water sources contaminated with arsenic, fluoride, and high levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).   Engineering science, design and development of technologies for safe drinking water.  Methods to scale up newly developed technologies for positive societal impact.

A major multi-Campus research program on energy-water that I lead from 2015 onward is CERC-WET.   See:

AIR QUALITY: Current research: Clean burning biomass stoves.  Engineering science, design, and development of fuel-efficient clean-burning low-emission cook stoves for the 3 Billion people on the planet that still use biomass for cooking.  We have set up one of the best labs globally for measurement of cook stoves efficiency and emissions. 

VARIOUS:  Computational fluid mechanics and heat transfer, energy efficiency in buildings, life-cycle analysis, environmental analysis applied to relevant problems in the industrial countries and developing countries. 

Another major multi-institution program that I lead is the Development Impact Laboratory, or DIL.

See: Gadgil Lab