Robert Harley

Completed Ph.D. Dissertations

  • Tom Kirchstetter (B.S. in Atmospheric Science and Math, SUNY Albany; UC Berkeley Ph.D. 1998). Impact of reformulated fuels on motor vehicle emissions
  • Brett Singer (B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Temple University; UC Berkeley Ph.D. 1998). A fuel-based approach to estimating motor vehicle exhaust emissions

  • Doug Black (B.S. in Electrical Engineering, University of Michigan; UC Berkeley Ph.D. 2000). Development and application of a sensor for real-time microenvironmental and personal ozone measurements

  • Linsey Marr (B.S. in Engineering Science, Harvard; UC Berkeley Ph.D. 2002). Changes in ozone sensitivity to precursor emissions on diurnal, weekly, and decadal time scales

  • Andrew Kean (B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Cooper Union; UC Berkeley Ph.D. 2002). Effects of vehicle speed and engine load on emissions from in-use light-duty vehicles

  • Phil Martien (B.A. in Physics, UC Santa Cruz; B.S. in Environmental Engineering, Humboldt State; UC Berkeley Ph.D. 2004). Forward and adjoint sensitivity analysis in Eulerian photochemical air quality models

  • George Ban-Weiss (B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley; UC Berkeley Ph.D. 2008). Characterization of gas- and particle-phase emissions from on-road motor vehicles

  • Ling Jin (B.S. in Physical Geography, Peking University; UC Berkeley Ph.D. 2008). A seasonal perspective on regional air quality in central California
  • Dev Millstein (B.S. in Economics, Vassar College; UC Berkeley Ph.D. 2009). Air quality responses to changes in black carbon and nitrogen oxide emissions

  • Drew Gentner (B.S. in Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University; UC Berkeley Ph.D. 2012). Gas-phase organic carbon and tropospheric pollution: sources, emissions, and implications for air quality
  • Juli Rubin (B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University; UC Berkeley Ph.D. 2012). Investigation of aerosol sources, lifetime and radiative forcing through multi-instrument data assimilation

  • Tim Dallmann (B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Wisconsin; UC Berkeley Ph.D. 2013). Evaluation of mobile source emissions and trends.

  • Sharon Shearer (B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Texas at Austin; UC Berkeley Ph.D. 2013). An improved chemical mechanism for photochemical air quality modeling

  • Brian McDonald (B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Virginia Tech; UC Berkeley Ph.D. 2014). High-resolution mapping and long term trends for motor vehicle emissions

  • Ivy Tao (B.S. in Physics, Bryn Mawr/Haverford College; UC Berkeley Ph.D., 2016). Changes in mobile source emissions and ambient air quality in California

  • Lucas Bastien (B.S. in Energy and Environmental Engineering, Institut National des Sciences Appliquees, Lyon, France; UC Berkeley Ph.D., 2016). Adjoint sensitivity analysis of air pollution problems

  • Chelsea Preble (B.S. in Environmental Science, UC Berkeley; UC Berkeley Ph.D., 2017). Effects of advanced after-treatment control technologies on heavy-duty diesel truck emissions

  • Matthew Vannucci (B.S. in Physics, Rutgers University; UC Berkeley Ph.D., 2018). Human-centric indoor air quality

  • Regan Patterson (B.S. in Chemical Engineering, UCLA; UC Berkeley Ph.D., 2019). Effects of diesel emission control measures and truck routing on air quality, environmental equity and justice

Undergraduate Research Assistants

  • David Dreher
  • ​Rex Ganding
  • Shannon Coulter-Burke
  • Sarah Giddings
  • John McLaughlin
  • Steven DeMartini
  • ​Zoe McBride
  • Zander Danto