Slav W. Hermanowicz

Slav W. Hermanowicz
Professor of the Graduate School
Environmental Engineering

Biological water and wastewater treatment processes; biofilms and their development; analysis of full-scale treatment reactors; nutrient control; sustainable development

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Professor Hermanowicz teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in water pollution control including a capstone design class and a course on biological processes. His research interests include membrane reactors, biofilm structure and modeling, biological processes in water and wastewater treatment and analysis of full-scale treatment processes. He is also working on metrics of sustainable development with particular applications for engineering decision-making and water reuse. His other research interests include complexity, chaotic dynamics and fractal geometry with applications to engineering, science and business. He has been involved in many international projects.


Ph.D. - Environmental Engineering, University of Toronto, Canada, 1982
M.Sc. - Environmental Engineering, Warsaw Technical University, Poland, 1978