C. William Ibbs

Recent Publications

Journal Papers

William Ibbs, Audrey Bascoul, and Long D. Nguyen, “Modified Total Cost Principles for Cumulative Impact Claims, Construction Lawyer. Winter 2012, 26-38.

William Ibbs, “Construction Change: Likelihood, Severity and Impact on Productivity," Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction. 4(3), August 2012, 67-73.

William Ibbs, “Measured Mile Principles,” Journal of Legal Affairs & Dispute Resolution in Engineering & Construction. 4(2), May 2012, 31-39.

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Conference Papers

• Ibbs, C.W. and Y.Y. Chih, "A Qualitative Comparison of Alternative Project Delivery Systems (PDSs) for Transportation Projects," Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Transportation Construction Management, Orlando, FL, September 2008.

• Ibbs, C.W., Y.Y. Chih and J.B. Miller, "A Case Study of Virginia's Framework to Evaluate Unsolicited Public/Private Partnership Proposals: The Public-Private Transportation Act (PPTA)," Proceedings of the 11th World Conference on Transport Research Society, Berkeley, CA, June 2007.

• Nguyen, L.D. and C.W. Ibbs, "Delay Analysis Considering Resource Allocation," Proceedings of the Australasian Universities Building Educators Association (AUBEA) Conference, ISBN 0-9775325-0-X, University of Technology Sydney, Sydney, Australia, July 2006.

Technical Reports

• Lee, H., E.B. Lee and W. Ibbs, Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Procedures Manual Caltrans, Pavement Standards Team and Division of Design, November 2007, 134 pp.

• Burrows, C., C.W. Ibbs and others, A Comprehensive Technical Review of the Demonstration Bulk Vitrification System, Chartered by CH2M HILL Hanford Group Inc, September 2006, Vol. 1 and 2, 239 pp.

• Ibbs, C.W., et al., External Independent Review of the Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility (MFFF) Project Critical Decision (CD) 2/3 Baseline, for the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Energy Technology Laboratory, Submitted by Burns & Roe Enterprises, Inc., BREI-LSP-R-06-03, 250 pp., May 2006.

• Ibbs, C.W., et al, Comprehensive Review of the Hanford Waste Treatment Plant Estimate at Completion, Bechtel National and the US Dept. of Energy, March 2006, 79 pp.

Other Publications

• Ibbs, C.W., "The Cumulative Impact of Change on Construction Labor Productivity," Construction Claims Newsletter, March 2008.