Juan M. Pestana

Professor Pestana's research interests include constitutive modeling of soil behavior, geotechnical engineering, soil properties characterization, numerical modeling of soil-structure interaction, environmental geotechnics and geotechnical earthquake engineering.

  • Seismic Response and Cyclic Behavior of Sands National Science Foundation, CAREER award, 1996
  • Prediction of Soil Deformations in Ground Openings National Science Foundation, Principal Investigator, 1996
  • Coordinated Geotechnical and Earthquake Engineering Program at UC Berkeley California Department of Transportation, CALTRANS (coPI, with Bray, Riemer, Seed, and Sitar), 1996
  • Evaluation of Post-Liquefaction Residual Strength and Stress-Deformation Behavior Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center, (coPI, with Raymond B. Seed), 1998
  • Performance Evaluation of Deep Foundation Systems under Seismic Loading Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center, Principal Investigator (with Raymond B. Seed), 1998
  • Seismic Triggering of Submarine Slopes in Soft Cohesive Soils, with Giovanna Biscontin, 2001
  • Determination of Multi-Directional P-Y Curves for Soft Clays, with Juan Mayoral and Raymond Seed, 2002
  • Effect of Pile on the Static and Dynamic Properties of a Soft Clay, with Christopher Hunt, Jonathan Bray and Michael Riemer, 2003
  • Soil Deformation and Excess Pore Pressure Field Around a Closed-Ended Pile, with Christopher Hunt and Jonathan Bray, 2003