Yoram N. Rubin

My recent research interests include hydrogeology, flow and transport processes in geologic media, modeling and analysis of contaminant fate and migration patterns, geostatistics and stochastic methods, geological site characterization, geophysical methods for subsurface characterization, soil-plant-atmospheric interaction. 

Presentations by the Rubin Lab


A recent publication in HESS that came out of my lab's collective effort. We were curious as to why Stochastic Hydrogeology failed to meet the big expectations. This is what came out: 


Presentations by members of our lab:

Nigel Chen, Poster presentation scheduled for AGU Fall Meeting, 2018: Cause and Effect: Temporal Variability in Climate Forcing and Ecological Responses at East River Watershed, Colorado


Free access to a recent publication from the lab: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.envsoft.2017.11.027


Presentations by our lab:

1. Michelle Newcomer, DOE PI Science Meeting, April 2016, Exploring Climate Controls on Hyporheic Zone Dynamics and Feedbacks Between Sediment Distribution, Riverbed Bioclogging, Infiltration, and Microbial CO2 Production

2. Michelle Newcomer, Presentation at UC Berkeley, Climate and Hydrological Controls on Riverbed Bioclogging and Implications for Water Resources and Quality


The material my group presented at AGU Fall 2015 Meeting, December 2015, San Francisco

1. Presented by Michelle Newcomer: Riverbed Bioclogging and the Effects on Infirltration and Carbon Flux Under Climate Variability 

2. Presented by Bradely Harken: Goal-Oriented Hydrogeological Site Characterization: A framework and Case Study in Contaminant Arrival Time

3. Presented by Heather Savoy: A task-oriented perspective on the role of hydrogeological heterogeneity in transport modeling

4. Presented by Jon Sege: Modeling water table drawdown and recovery during tunnel excavation in fractured rock

5. Presented by Karina Cucchi: A Bayesian inversion of hydrogeological and thermal parameters in the hyporheic Zone













Reports from our work


Hydrogeophysics in Vineyards

Other Research

Papers submitted by Prof. Rubin's group to the Berkeley Symposium "Bridging the Gap Between Measurements and Modeling in Heterogeneous Media", Berkeley, March 25-28, 2002

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