Course Capture

Course Capture Service Overview

Course Capture allows instructors to record their classroom lectures for later viewing by students. The campus Course Capture service (Kaltura) is offered in 4 CEE managed classrooms: 406 Davis Hall, 502 Davis Hall, 544 Davis Hall, and 212 O'Brien. Course Capture service is also offered in many general assignment classrooms which can be viewed here:

The Course Capture service records the following components:

  • the output of the instructor's laptop/tablet (as projected on the screens in the classroom)
  • a ceiling-mounted camera view of the blackboard (the extent of which is marked with pink tape on the blackboard)
  • the instructor's voice through a wireless microphone

The laptop display is recorded independently from the camera signal, which allows students to select which video stream they watch during playback.

Recording starts and stops automatically based on the scheduled meeting time of your course.

Signing Up For Course Capture

You must sign up for Course Capture each semester. If you are teaching in a classroom that offers Course Capture, shortly before the beginning of the semester you will receive an email inviting you to sign up for the service. If you would like your course to be recorded, you must opt in to the service. If you do not follow the emailed invitation link to sign up, your course will not be recorded.

Course Capture Classroom Operation

  1. Retrieve wireless lapel microphone from the charger at the front of the classroom, or from the previous instructor
  2. Turn on the wireless lapel microphone and clip it to your clothing in the upper part of your chest
  3. Present your lecture normally using your laptop or the blackboard
  4. After your lecture, return the wireless microphone to the charger making sure to have the pink tape facing forward

Publishing Your Recordings

After each class is recorded, it takes up to 2 hours for the recoding to be processed and available for publishing. If you signed up for instructor moderation, you will need to approve each recording before it is published. See this page for instructions on publishing your videos to your bCourses site:

You may also set up automatic publishing so that videos are available for student viewing as soon as they have been processed without the need for manual publishing. Follow these steps to enable automatic publishing:

  1. in bCourses go to the Media Gallery
  2. at the top right, click on the 3 bar icon (next to sun/moon icon)
  3. select Edit
  4. uncheck "Moderate content (media will not appear in media gallery until approved by the gallery manager)"

Other Resources

Please review the RTL Course Capture service page at, or email for assistance.