Hermanowicz & Sedlak give keynote lectures at ICSI in Shenzhen, China

The International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI 2016) was held in Shenzhen from October 17-19, under the theme of “a sustainable future for China, the Asian region and the world.” The conference was jointly sponsored by the US National Academy of Engineering and Chinese Academy of Engineering.

The ICSI 2016 focused on sustainability in the built environment, presenting relevant engineering research, demonstrations and applications that contribute to competitiveness and well-being.

CEE Professors Slav Hermanowicz and David Sedlak delivered two keynote presentations. Hermanowicz's talk was entitled “Sustainable Development: Physics, Dynamics and Ethics.” It addressed a fundamental question of balancing the needs of current population with those of future generations from the ethical perspective. 

Sedlak presented “Anticipating the Development of Technologies that will Enable the Fourth Urban Water Revolution" in which he discussed how modern cities have undergone a series of technological revolutions that occurred when the existing water infrastructure was unable to meet societal needs.

Published 11/03/2016