Hermanowicz and multi-discipline design team take recycling to new levels [video]

Featured Faculty: Slav W. Hermanowicz

The National Science Foundation's Science Nation feature a video “Transformational building design energizes water recycling--literally!” about the NSF-funded research of Professor Slav Hermanowicz and his collaborators, Maria Paz Gutierrez, Luke Lee and CEE graduate students Vivek Rao and Henry Kagey. 

The team developed a novel process to recycle water and capture energy using solar radiation in facades of buildings. 

The solar panel technology makes greywater reusable while creating thermal energy in the process. What is now wastewater would be used at least twice, cutting demand, and the free solar energy can be captured as well. The greywater isn't clean enough to drink, but it's fine for flushing toilets or washing clothes.

It is a successful example of cross-disciplinary collaboration to solve important and pressing challenges of urban environments.

Published 02/16/2017