Susan Shaheen Leads Study on Pandemic's Impact on Mass Transit

Featured Faculty: Susan Shaheen


Dr. Susan Shaheen was recently featured in the San Francisco Chronicle for her research on the future of public transportation, as affected by COVID-19. The project, which involves a group of 40 experts from all aspects of industry and the economy, will describe the impact of the pandemic on mass transit and shared mobility, and develop a range of policy options in response. The study will present results in three time frames — 12 months, up to three years, and six years — with the first results due this fall.

The project, titled "Scenario Planning Study: The Future of Public Transit and Shared Mobility," is co-sponsored by the UC Institute of Transportation Studies and the National Transportation Research Board, with additional funding by the ClimateWorks Foundation.  

In her interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Shaheen offers insights on the current state of Bay Area mass transit, and where it's headed in the years to come. Click here for the full interview, or view the attached PDF file. 

Published 08/24/2020