Luis Ceferino and Eyitayo Opabola Join CEE Faculty as Assistant Professors

We are excited to share that Luis Ceferino and Eyitayo Opabola have been appointed Assistant Professors in the CEE faculty cohort, effective January 1, 2024! Ceferino and Opabola will contribute valuable knowledge to CEE's Structural Engineering, Mechanics, and Materials program. 

Ceferino's research combines extreme event modeling, structural engineering, and network techniques to elucidate the impact of extreme events such as earthquakes and hurricanes on urban infrastructure systems and strategize solutions for urban resilience. He is the director of The Disaster Risk Analysis Lab, whose goal is to extend the limits of what is feasible with catastrophe modeling and collaborate synergistically with researchers within and outside civil engineering to bring a new understanding of disaster risk in cities.

Opabola's research focuses on laboratory and field testing of large-scale structural components and systems, assessment and design of civil infrastructure under single and multiple hazards, and developing risk-informed tools for resilience enhancement of buildings and communities. He received the 2023 Shah Family Innovation Prize from the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute.