Berkeley CEE Partners with Stockton Students and Community to Build 120 Air Purifiers

In honor of Earth Day, students from Professor Tina Chow's CE105 class and MS/PhD students in Environmental Engineering teamed up with Edison High School in Southwest Stockton to build and distribute air purifiers in their community. On April 13, students from the two campuses teamed up to construct 120 box fan air purifiers from essential household items, serving to protect vulnerable community members from the effects of harmful air pollutants. CEE Assistant Professor Sunni Ivey and her graduate students also tabled at the event and provided a low-cost sensor demo for the Stockton community.

This free event gave Stockton students, families, and the general community the opportunity to learn about clean energy transportation, participate in educational workshops, win prizes, build an indoor home air purifier, and spend time with family, friends, and the entire Stockton community. Kids and adults helped transform an ordinary box fan into an air purifier by attaching a MERV-13 air filter using weatherstripping, glue, cardboard, and rubber bands.