CEE Assistant Professor Sunni Ivey Receives 2024 SSMN Early Career Alumnus Award

Featured Faculty: Cesunica Ivey

Congratulations to CEE Assistant Professor Sunni Ivey on receiving the 2024 SSMN Early Career Alumnus Award! Professor Ivey won the Sloan Scholars Mentoring Network award for early career alumnus for her contributions to past and potential future accomplishments across research, teaching, professional service, and community service.

The SSMN Awards, a newly established Sloan Network initiative, recognizes the research, career, and professional development achievements of Sloan Legacy, UCEM, and SIGP alumni.

Professor Ivey is the PI of the Air Quality Modeling & Exposure Lab at UC Berkeley. Her research focuses on the nexus of air pollution science and engineering and environmental justice. She is an emerging leader in regional air quality modeling and its applications and community-scale air pollution exposure assessment.