Horvath Co-authors Award-winning ES&T Paper

Featured Faculty: Arpad Horvath

A paper co-authored by Professor Arpad Horvath was named the second-best paper of 2012 in the Policy section of Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T). The paper's title is Fuel Miles and the Blend Wall: Costs and Emissions from Ethanol Distribution in the United States.

The lead author, Bret Strogen, was Horvath's PhD student. Tom McKone, the other co-author, is an adjunct professor in Berkeley's School of Public Health and a senior scientist at LBNL.

This and other award-winning ES&T papers represent the top 1% of ES&T content, and were chosen from nearly 1600 manuscripts published in 2012.

(This paper marks the third award-winning paper for Horvath. In 2011, his paper Grand Challenges of Life-cycle Assessment of Biofuels was named the third-best Features paper, and in 2008, his Assessing the End-of-Life Impacts of Buildings was named a top ES&T paper in Environmental Policy.)

Published 05/06/2013