Ashok Gadgil and Alex Bayen Selected as Top 10 Innovators on Water Sustainability by NASA

Featured Faculty: Ashok Gadgil, Alexandre M. Bayen

CEE Professors Ashok Gadgil and Alexandre Bayen were selected as Top 10 Innovators on Water Sustainability by NASA. Professor Bayen is a member of CEE's Systems Engineering faculty, and Professor Gadgil is a member of both the Systems Engineering and the Environmental Engineering faculty.

On March 16-18, The 10 Innovators met with approximately 40 leaders from various disciplines at NASA's first water sustainability forum, LAUCH: Water, where they discussed creative solutions to water supply problems across the world.

Professor Gadgil was selected for his project, Electro Chemical Arsenic Remediation. The project proposes a new method to safely, affordably, and effectively remove arsenic from drinking water using a small amount of electricity to create rust in contaminated water. The project was co-presented by Dr. Susan Addy. See video of their presentation.

Professor Bayen was selected for his project, The Floating Sensor Network. The project focuses on the development of a group of motorized drifters that measure and transmit physical and chemical conditions within a flow of water to create a situation awareness map across space and time. The project was presented by Andrew Tinka, Systems Engineering PhD candidate. See video of their presentation.

Congratulations, Professor Gadgil and Professor Bayen!

Published 04/16/2010