Ashok Gadgil

2017:      Curry Stone Design Prize. Inducted in the "Social Design Honoree Circle" 2017 cohort of honorees of the Curry Stone Foundation, for design under resource scarcity.

2016:     R&D100 Award for invention of a novel, inexpensive, and robust technology for Fluoride-remediation of groundwater. The R&D100 Awards, called the “Oscars of Industrial Innovation”, are an international annual competition and celebrate the 100 top technology advances of the past year (2016).

2015:      Leo Szilard Lectureship Award by the American Physical Society.   Award recognizes application of physics for the benefit of humanity.  Citation states "For applying physics to a variety of social problems and developing sustainable energy, environmental and public health technologies, as well as demonstrating how these could be scaled up, thus contributing to improved life for millions.

2015:      Elected Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering in recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of engineering that also have been of benefit to improving livelihoods in India. 

2014:      Honored by the International House at UC Berkeley, along with Wendy Schmidt, as Distinguished Alumnus of the Year.  Citation states: "For contributions to a more sustainable and peaceful planet, and advancing a world of greater understanding."

2014:      Inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, an organization sponsored by the US Patent and Trademark Office under the US Department of Commerce.

2013:         The Tech Award for Economic Development -- based on the  large positive economic impact of the  Darfur Stoves Project (now Potential Energy) on the lives of the recipients of the Berkeley-Darfur Stoves.  (I am the co-founder, and Board Chair of Potential Energy) See:

2013:       Reed-Elsevier "Environmental Challenge" Award, Silver Prize, for invention and development of ECAR Technology

2013:      Alumni Leadership Award for 2013 by the IIT Kanpur Alumni Association of Silicon Valley.  Citation states “In recognition of the impact of his work on lives of millions in the developing world.”

2013:     Siemens-Stiftung Award for "Empowering People" for multi-disciplinary development and implementation of ECAR technology for affordable arsenic removal from groundwater used for drinking.  See:[filter][]=category%3AWater+%26+Waste+Water

2013:      Elected to the National Academy of Engineering – one of the highest honors in the engineering profession.

2013:         Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water, in the top (Creativity) category, along with my team -- for invention of ElelctroChemical Arsenic Remediation (ECAR) technology.

2012:         Lemelson-MIT Global Innovator Award, for engineering innovations that improve the lives of impoverished people around the world.  The Lifetime Achievement Award "recognizes outstanding individuals whose pioneering spirit and inventiveness throughout their careers have improved our society and inspired others."  More at websie below:

2012:          Zayed Future Energy Prize.  Selected by a four-stage independent international selection process, winner of the Lifetime Achievement Prize. Award recognizes "innovation, leadership, long-term vision, and impact in renewable energy and sustainability."

2011:          European Inventor Award – Selected by an independent jury assembled by the European Patent Organization, for the most significant invention in the Non-European Category from all non-European countries.  For  UVWaterworks.

2011:          Olympus and NCIIA Lifetime Award for teaching innovation to students, and inspiring them and other faculty at UC Berkeley and other institutions about teaching about innovation.

2010:          “Sustainability Pioneer Award” from SAG/SAM of Zurich, Switzerland, "for pioneering efforts with the private sector in support of sustainability on the planet."

2010:          One of the top 10 global innovators in water technologies selected by NASA and USAID.  (

2009:          The Heinz Award for the Environment.  Award citation is "for Research, Innovation and Humanism."

2009-14:     Andrew and Virginia Rudd Family Foundation Distinguished Chair of Safe Water and Sanitation, UC Berkeley.

2009:          Outstanding Mentor Award by the Office of Science, U.S. Department of Energy.

2008:          Campus Sustainability Award for “Outstanding Faculty Contribution to Campus Sustainability” by the Chancellors Advisory Committee on Sustainability.  UC Berkeley.

2007:          Global Citizen Award by the United Nations Association of USA (East Bay Chapter) for “individual efforts to ensure that your invention is in place and functioning ... thereby saving lives and improving the quality of life of the beneficiaries.”

2007:          Popular Mechanics Magazine, “Breakthrough Award” for the Berkeley Darfur Stove

2007:          Faculty Public Service Award by UC Berkeley Chancellor “for outstanding leadership and commitment to service-learning.”

2007:          Toshiba Green Innovation Award for WaterHealth International, the start-up based on the technology platform that I invented: UVWaterworks

2006:          Honored by the Museum of Science and Technology, Chicago, as One of 40 living exemplars of the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci in modern America.

2005:          Trendsetter, Public Works Magazine, for inexpensive safe drinking water solutions for developing countries

2005:           Outstanding Performance Award by LBNL for invention and development of a method for arsenic removal from drinking water, using coated coal ash.

2004:          “Tech Laureate” award by the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, in the health category, for development and implementation of innovative technology to improve societal health

2004:          Outstanding Technology Transfer Award by the Federal Laboratory Consortium of DOE, for protecting against chemical and biological threats to buildings, facilities and occupants

2002:          “World Technology Award” in Energy category (visit for more information)