Ashok Gadgil

News Articles
Title Publication Date
Infant Warmer Reduces Infant Mortality in Rwanda Hospitals 03/30/2021
Patents for Humanity Award Recognizes Berkeley Lab Infant Warmer 11/04/2020
CEE Faculty Actively Contributing to Solutions to the Current COVID-19 Pandemic 09/14/2020
CEE Students Awarded $25K to Address Arsenic Poisoning 02/21/2020
Ashok Gadgil Recognized by MacArthur Foundation as Top 100 in 100&Change Competition 02/20/2020
Gabriel Lobo and Casey Finnerty selected to attend Tsinghua Univ. Student Forum on Climate Change 11/27/2019
In the News: Ashok Gadgil & team reduces lead leaching rates in water pipes 11/22/2019
Video: Ashok Gadgil's research team has a fix for lead poisoning in water 06/14/2019
Gabriel Lobo's Solution for Safer Lead Pipes Highlighted at ACS Conference 04/09/2019
In the news: Gadgil & team's system for removing arsenic from drinking water in India 12/13/2018
Ashok Gadgil wins Curry Stone Design Prize for his lowtech solutions for intractable problems 08/08/2017
In the news: Ashok Gadgil and solving drinking water shortages 04/25/2017
Gadgil Lab's fluoride remediation work wins R&D100 Award 11/10/2016
NSF Awards $3M to Dev. Engineering: Kara Nelson, Co-Director 10/20/2016
In the News: Ashok Gadgil 04/26/2016
In the news: Graduates Develop Technology to Address Poverty 04/08/2016
Ashok Gadgil to Lead U.S.-China Energy and Water Consortium 10/06/2015
Berkeley Water Technology Boomerangs from Bangladesh to California 09/14/2015
Ashok Gadgil: The humanitarian inventor 04/02/2015
Susan Amrose and the Gadgil Lab Remove Arsenic from Drinking Water 02/19/2015
American Physical Society Honors Gadgil 10/15/2014
Environmental Faculty Receive Prestigious Obama-Singh Award 08/25/2014
Hanna Breunig Receives EPA STAR Fellowship 06/02/2014
Ashok Gadgil Selected as International House's Alumni of the Year 04/08/2014
Hanna Breunig Named a Schmidt-MacArthur Fellow 03/14/2014
Ashok Gadgil in the News for his Invention to Remove Arsenic from Drinking Water 03/13/2014
Ashok Gadgil Inducted into National Inventors Hall of Fame 03/04/2014
Video of Gadgil's "Innovating Technologies for the Poorest Two Billion" 05/25/2013
Ashok Gadgil Elected to NAE 02/25/2013
Hanna Breunig Publishes Article on Brine Management 02/04/2013
Ashok Gadgil Wins for Creativity in an International Water Competition 10/03/2012
Ashok Gadgil Wins Lemelson-MIT Award 05/02/2012
Ashok Gadgil Wins Zayed Future Energy Prize 01/17/2012
Six CEE Faculty Participate in NSF Center on Urban Water Infrastructure 07/26/2011
Ashok Gadgil Wins EPO Non-European Inventor Award 2011 05/20/2011
Ashok Gadgil Awarded Olympus Lifetime of Education Innovation Award 03/26/2011
Ashok Gadgil takes fuel efficient cookstoves to Ethiopia 02/16/2011
Ashok Gadgil in Chronicle's "Berkeley zero net energy cottage deserves study" 01/24/2011
Ashok Gadgil Named EETD Director 08/18/2010
Ashok Gadgil and Alex Bayen Selected as Top 10 Innovators on Water Sustainability by NASA 04/16/2010