Marta Gonzalez

Marta C. Gonzalez
Associate Professor
Systems, Transportation Engineering

I work in urban sciences, with a focus on the intersections of people with the built and the natural environment and their social networks. My ultimate goal is to design urban solutions and to enable a caring development in the use of new technologies. I have developed new tools that impact transportation research and discovered novel approaches to model human mobility and the adoption of energy technologies. Statistical Physics of Complex Systems and Network Science founded my scientific approach, Spatial AI, digital traces, and Environmental data, keep me busy. 


PhD Physics 2003-2006, Stuttgart Universitat, Germany. "Contact Networks of Mobile Agents and Spreading Dynamics" Thesis adviser: Hans Herrmann (now at ETH Zurich)

M.Sc. Physics 1999-2001, Central University of Venezuela. "Renormalization approach to solve two-phase flow in porous media" Thesis adviser: Mariela (Freski) Araujo (now at Shell, Texas area)

Bachelor Physics 1992-1999, Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela. "Phase-space tomography of the truncated harmonic oscillator states" Thesis adviser: Celso Luis Ladera