Robert Kayen



Hanze Yao, UC Berkeley, Current, Computational Imaging of Geotechnical Ground Deformations.

Grace Parker, UCLA, 2019, Regional Seismic Site Amplification and the Associated Uncertainty for Application in Ground Motion Modeling

Sean Ahdi, UCLA, 2019, Towards A Greater Understanding of Seismic Site Characterization at Varying Scales and their Implementation in Ground Motion Modeling 

Yi Tyan Tsai, UCLA, 2019, Seismic Fragility Functions for Levees on Peat 

Dong yup Kwok, UCLA, 2014, Documentation and Analysis of the Seismic Performance of Levees from Case Histories 

Eric Thompson, Tufts University, Medford, MA., 2009, Numerical Modeling of Moderate Magnitude Earthquakes

Alison Faris, the University of California at Berkeley, 2006, Bayesian Model Assessment of Liquefaction-Induced Maximum Lateral Displacement

Post Doctoral

Walter Barnhardt, USGS, 1999-2001, Application of Ground-Penetrating Radar for Understanding Landslide Morphology

Ryuzo Ozaki, USGS-Japan Ministry of Education 2000-2001, Modeling Seismic Displacements in Slopes

Brian Collins, USGS, 2006-2009, Coastal Seacliff Stability

Eric Thompson, USGS, 2010-2011, Numerical Modeling of Moderate Magnitude Earthquakes

Lijing Shi, 2013-2014 IEM, Harbin Inst. Tech. China, Surface Wave Dispersion of Inverted Velocity profiles.

Dong Youp Kwok, UCLA (2015-2016), Seismic response of levees on peat from the 2004 Niigata Chuetsu earthquake.


Undergraduate Advising Activities

UC Berkeley, Julia Xu, Amplified seismic displacements from ground motions with pulse-directivity. 2018-2019

UC Berkeley, JunYu Lei, Computing shear wave velocities by multiple inversion methods for liquefaction performance sites. 2018-2019

UC Berkeley, 2 students (K. Cheng, T. Bassman) LIDAR analysis of deformation of Hume Lake Dam. 2015-2017

UCLA 3 students (C.Troung, E.Gorbis, A.Ng) traveled to Chile for field experiments for research project., 2014 - 2015

UCLA ASCE Student Group, Survey Team Project, 2015 - 2016

UCLA Ben Thompson, Christian Nguyen, 2-129L students will travel to Greece for LIDAR research project., July 2016