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  • CE 100 Elementary Fluid Mechanics
  • CE C103N Terrestrial Hydrology
  • CE 105 Water and Wind -Design for a Variable Environment
  • CE C106 Air Pollution
  • CE 107 Climate Change Mitigation
  • CE 111 Environmental Engineering
  • CE 111L Water & Air Quality Laboratory
  • CE 113 Ecological Engineering for Water Quality Improvement
  • CE 115 Water Chemistry
  • CE 173 Groundwater and Seepage


  • CE 200A Environmental Fluid Mechanics I
  • CE 200B Environmental Fluid Mechanics II
  • CE 202A Vadose Zone Hydrology
  • CE 203N Surface Water Hydrology
  • CE 206 Water Resources Management
  • CE 209 Design for Sustainable Communities
  • CE 210 Control of Water-Related Pathogens
  • CE 211A Environmental Physical-Chemical Processes
  • CE 211B Environmental Biological Processes
  • CE 215 Emerging Technologies for Water Sustainability (offered alternate years)
  • CE 217 Environmental Chemical Kinetics (offered alternate years)
  • CE 218A Air Quality Engineering

Environmental Engineering Seminar

Environmental Engineering offers a weekly seminar series each semester on Fridays at noon. These seminars feature practicing engineers, as well as faculty members from other departments at UC Berkeley and from other universities. All Environmental Engineering graduate students are expected to attend the seminar.

Related Courses in Other Departments

Agricultural and Resource Economics

  • ARE 261 Natural Resource Economics
  • ARE 262 Environmental Economics

Chemical Engineering

  • ChE 150A Transport Processes
  • ChE 150B Transport Processes
  • ChE 170 Biochemical Engineering
  • ChE 170E Environmental Biotechnology
  • ChE 170L Biochemical Engineering Laboratory
  • ChE 248 Applied Surface and Colloid Chemistry

City and Regional Planning

  • CRP 251 Environmental Planning and Regulation

Earth and Planetary Science

  • EPS 120 Analysis of Environmental Data
  • EPS 217 Fluvial Geomorphology
  • EPS 225 Advanced Geomorphology

Energy and Resources Group

  • ERG 151 Politics of Energy and Environmental Policy
  • ERG 200 Interdisciplinary Energy Analysis
  • ERG 202 Modeling Ecological and Meteorological Phenomena


  • E 201 Ocean Engineering Seminar
  • E 266A Finite Difference Methods for Fluid Dynamics

Environmental Science, Policy and Management

  • ESPM 112 Microbial Ecology
  • ESPM 115A Freshwater Ecology
  • ESPM 115B Biology of Aquatic Insects
  • ESPM 131 Soil Microbiology
  • ESPM 180 Atmospheric Chemistry
  • ESPM 222 Surface and Colloid Chemistry of Natural Particles

Integrative Biology

  • IB 106 Biological Oceanography
  • IB 153 Population and Community Ecology
  • IB 153L Laboratory in Population and Community Ecology


  • Law 271 Environmental Law and Policy


  • Math 128A Numerical Analysis
  • Math 128B Numerical Analysis

Mechanical Engineering

  • ME 213 Fluid Mechanics of Biological Systems
  • ME 256 Combustion
  • ME 260A Advanced Fluid Mechanics I
  • ME 260B Advanced Fluid Mecahanics II
  • ME 267 Geophysical Fluid Mechanics

Nuclear Engineering

  • NE 224 Safety Assessment for Geological Disposal of Radioactive Wastes
  • NE 275 Principles and Methods of Risk Analysis

Public Health

  • PH 220C Risk Assessment, Policy and Toxics Regulations
  • PH 245 Introduction to Multivariate Statistics
  • PH 254 Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology
  • PH 270A Exposure Assessment and Control
  • PH 270B Toxicology