• Professors Maya Carrasquillo, Sunni Ivey and Cynthia-Gerlein Safdi have recently joined us as Environmental Engineering faculty members. Maya's research is at the nexus of stormwater management, environmental justice and sustainable development, and uses a systems approach to evaluate critical infrastructure towards more just and equitable design and implementation solutions, primarily in historically marginalized albeit historically resilient communities. Sunni is the Principal Investigator of the Air Quality Monitoring and Exposure Lab, which centers on atmospheric modeling, source apportionment, data assimilation, exposure monitoring, and environmental justice applications. Cynthia's research spans a broad range of topics in ecohydrology, and is aimed at better understanding the link between water and carbon in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum in the context of a changing climate.
  • Professor Amy Pickering was awarded $1M from the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub, which recognizes innovative, visionary research to help solve critical challenges in biomedicine. The Pickering Lab uses tools from epidemiology, genomics, and engineering to understand enteric disease transmission pathways among households in low-income settings and to develop effective, equitable, and scalable interventions to interrupt them.
  • Professor Paolo D'Odorico was elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, in recognition for his contributions to atmospheric and hydrospheric science.

Upcoming events:

  • Environmental Engineering Seminars. Fridays 12-1pm, 534 Davis Hall. See Public Seminars.