Course planning tools


  • CE 165 Concrete Materials and Construction
  • CE 166 Construction Engineering
  • CE 167 Engineering Project Management
  • CE 180 Construction, Maintenance, and Design of Civil and Environmental Engineered Systems


  • CE 268A Lean Construction Concepts and Methods
  • CE 268B Lean Construction and Supply Chain Management
  • CE 268D Law for Engineers
  • CE 268E Civil Systems and the Environment
  • CE 268H Advanced Project Planning & Control
  • CE 268I Business Fundamentals for Engineering
  • CE 292A Technologies for Sustainable Societies
  • CE 298 Graduate Research Seminar
  • CE 299 Individual Research or Investigation in Selected Advanced Topics

Engineering & Project Management Industry Speaker Seminar

During your graduate study you are required to attend weekly E&PM seminars (CE 298) as these seminars provide a forum for learning about what is happening in the profession and in academic research.