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  • CE 191 Civil and Environmental Engineering Systems Analysis
  • CE 155 Transportation Systems Engineering
  • CE 193 Engineering Risk Analysis


Required - 4 out of the below

CE 262 Analysis of Transportation Data

CE 263N Scalable Spatial Analytics

CE 264 Behavioral Modeling for Engineering, Planning, and Policy Analysis

CE 271 Sensors and Signal Interpretation

CE 291F Control and Optimization of Distributed Parameters System

CE 290I Control and Information Management

CE 295 Energy Systems and Control



CE 110 Water Systems & Society

CE 186 Design of Cyber Physical Systems

CE 191 Civil & Environmental Engineering Systems Analysis

CE 193 Engineering Risk Analysis

CE 200A Environmental Fluid Mechanics

CE 200B Numerical Methods for Environmental Flow Modeling

CE 206 Water Resources Management

CE 220 Structural Analysis Theory & Applications

CE 221 NonlinearStructural Analysis

CE 225 Dynamics of Structures

CE 259 Public Transportation Systems

STAT 140 Probability for Data Science

CS C100 Principles & Techniques of Data Science

CS 189/289 Introduction to Machine Learning

IEOR 135 Applied Data Science with Venture Applications

IEOR 142 Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Analytics

IEOR 165 Engineering Statistics, Quality Control, and Forecasting

EE C220A Advanced Control Systems I

EE 221A Linear Systems Theory

EE 227BT Convex Optimization